Information about fishing in Big Gull Lake can be found in the Ontario Government's Zone 18 recreational fishing regulations.

Wild Parsnip Alert! Wild Parsnip was found growing in 2017 on the west side of Ardoch road from Helen Lane to Pine Point Way. Be very wary of this invasive plant.

Have you ever wondered what the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA) does? Check out this publication and find out why BGLEECA is happy to support FOCA. You'll find offers listed for associations and for individuals. If you're interested, please contact Ken Grant to get the access codes required.



Older News:

  • FOCA has a new publication, created in conjunction with their partners at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, called Managing Your Waterfront Property in a Changing Climate. Click here to see this publication.
  • Have a look at FOCA's April 2017 Special Notice relating to flood watches and water levels.
  • See what's going on with FOCA by reading their April 2017 Elert.
  • Check out FOCA's Guide to Healthy Waterfronts... You can read more about FOCA's happenings with their February 2017 Elert.
  • FOCA issued a Special Notice on May 4th, 2017, re Flood Watches and Flood Warnings. Their notice can be seen here. Current information can be viewed on the Ontario Government's Flood Forecasting and Warning Program website.
  • A big thanks to all of the vendors and shoppers who particpated in our inaugural water-based DOCK SALE. It took place on Saturday July 08 2017 under somewhat cloudy skies.  Although the weather could have been a bit sunnier, quite a number of items were bought and sold. Watch for the Dock Sale again in 2018.
  • You can help contribute to the monitoring of fish data in Big Gull Lake by completing a form whenever you fish. There's no need to reveal your favourite fishing hole when you contibute to this creel census, which is a record of numbers and kinds of fish caught by anglers. Go to the Resources section for more information and to download the forms.
  • For information about road conditions you can contact Public Works at the North Frontenac Township. Click here for their website.

Update - The flooded section of Greer Road is now passable.

Sunday, May 7, 2017. (Photos by C.B.) Water has receded, and Greer Road is accessible with the right vehicle. Water is reportedly 6" at the deepest point.

Greer Road was impassable on Saturday, May 6, 2017. (Photos by J.P.)

  • Please respect the local fire conditions. The burn ban indicators and fire index status can be found on the Burn Ban and Fire Danger page of the Township of North Frontenac website. A Fire Ban means a total fire ban and shall prohibit: burning of debris, burning in an outdoor incinerator, chimineas, fireworks displays, campfires of any type, and charcoal installations.  Thank you for your cooperation.

    Your help in preventing a forest fires is greatly appreciated.
    If you have any questions you may contact the following Fire Chiefs:
    Addington Highlands Chief Casey Cuddy @ 613 336 9780
    North Frontenac Chief Eric Korhonen @ 613 479 2231 ext. 232

    Fire Ban Information Lines
    Ward 1: 613-336-1851 or Wards 2 and 3: 613-479-0399

  • If you missed the 29th annual Annual General Meeting held on August 20th, 2016, you can look at some of the action here!
  • There was lots of fun at the 2016 Kids' Fishing Derby held on August 6th. Have a look at some winning fish!
  • The Big Gull Lake East End Cottage Association celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2015! You can read about the association's history on the About Us page.
  • Do you know that a proposed wind farm is threatening our local Dark Sky Preserve? Have a look at this CBC story.
  • Here's a thought-provoking article - The Death of Cottage Country.
  • Seven walking trails at the Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area were renewed in 2015. The conservation area is located at 1045 Arcol Road at the Palmerston-Canonto Dam. The walking trails range from 300 meters to one kilometer in length. Further information is available on the Resources page.
  • The 2015 AGM Minutescan be found here. The 2016 minutes will be posted once they have been approved.
  • Thanks to all of the volunteers who contributed to the 2015 BGLEECA Loon Survey. Our local results can be seen on the Resources page.
  • Photos from the 2015 BGLEECA Saiboat Race have been added to the Lake Scenes page. Have a look!
  • You might be interested in this Open Letter to Premiere Wynne regarding proposed wind turbines from, the Bon Echo Area Residents Against Turbines.
  • Public Service Announcement: Canada Post has added a new service called Flex Delivery that will allow you to have online purchases sent to a post office convenient to you. See the Flex Delivery page on Canada Post's website for more info.
  • To view the 2015-2016 BGLEECA calendar and the advertisements from the local businesses who support it, go to the Calendar page.
  • A view of an ice-covered Big Gull Lake from a Toronto to Ottawa flight on Saturday, April 11, 2015. (Photo by K.E.)
  • Spring has sprung! All of the ice is now off the lake, and the water is very low. You can read about water levels on the Watershed Conditions page of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority website. You can also read about the Big Gull Lake Dam here.
  • The billing model for municipal policing by the Ontario Provincial Police changed effective Jan 1, 2015. Please read the information available on the OPP website.
  • North Frontenac Township’s Economic Development Task Force is proud to have acquired the first municipal designation in Canada as a Dark Sky Preserve (DSP) by the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC). The chair of the North Frontenac Lake Associations Alliance officially opened the North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve on Saturday August 3, 2013. Details about the preserve can be found here.
  • The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority will be conducting shoreline monitoring during the summer of 2013. Click here for more information.
  • Watch the Spring Newletter for an update on local high-speed internet, and also check
  • Information about the Algonquin Land Claim Agreement in Principle (AIP) is available at::
  • Remember that the Trading Post page is a great way for you to share your unwanted cottage items with others who might want them. You can make use of the For Sale / Trade / Rent section, advertise things Lost and Found, or put out some feelers for things you're Looking For.
  • 2014 AGM Minutes (see Administration)
  • You can help contribute to the monitoring of fish data in Big Gull Lake by completing a form whenever you fish. There's no need to reveal your favourite fishing hole when you contibute to this creel census, which is a record of numbers and kinds of fish caught by anglers. Go to the Resources section for more information and to download the forms.
  • FOCA held its 2014 Annual General Meeting & Spring Seminar on March 1st in Toronto. The summary of this event can be found on the Other Links page.
  • The January 2014 BGLEECA Newsletter (see News)
  • The complete text of Lynda's Environmental Report, including pictures, (from the Jan. 2014 Newletter) about The Invasive Species Watch (ISW) in Big Gull Lake (see Resources).