This section provides information about the many aspects of the environment that impact cottagers on Big Gull Lake.

Water quality is an ongoing issue, and Secchi Disc testing is conducted throughout the cottage season by volunteers.

Climate change is having an impact on fishing, aquatic plant growth, and on water levels.

The proper maintenance and encouragement of natural shoreline is a critical factor in maintaining a healthy lake.

The FOCA 2017 Fall Seminar

  • Lynda attended the FOCA 2017 FOCA fall seminar and summarized the discussion for us (click here for the summary). You may be interested details about a home defibrillator, an activity book for kids and an Invasive Species boat sign.

  • In 2017 Lynda was the chair of the Member Services & Benefits committee. This committee along with major contributions from the FOCA staff plan, and organize the fall and spring seminars. The event was held in Toronto. 


The 2015 Loon Survey

  • Thanks to everyone who participated throughout the summer in the 2015 loon survey for Bird Studies Canada. East end loon populations were surveyed by volunteers on June 6, July 17, and August 22, 2015. You can see our local survey results here.


Calling All Anglers!

  • The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) surveys lakes periodically to help them understand various aspects including the fish population and the general health of the lake. The next survey is not scheduled until 2017, but in the meantime you can provide valuable information by submitting your catch data. Further details about the program can be found on 'Info sheet and single fish form'. Please download/print the forms as required.




Walking Trails

  • Are you aware of the Palmerston Canonto Conservation Area? It is located at 1045 Arcol Road at the Palmerston-Canonto Dam, and home to seven walking trails that range from 300 meters to one kilometer in length that were renewed in 2015. These trails were originally established by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, but since then the township has undertaken a responsibility for the trails. The trails are colour coded with line of sight markings making it easy to reach either of the two summits - the Lakeview and Vista Lookouts. Maps along the way make navigation very convenient. The trails start from the dam between Palmerston and Canonto Lakes being approximately 4.5 kilometers down the Canonto Road from Hwy 509. For more information contact Bruce Moore ( or Corey Klatt ( Volunteers welcome! You can find more info in the Local Government section of our Other Links page..












Current Events